How to Keep Online Dating Interesting? Let’s Find Out!

How to keep dating online interesting? Well, it’s not that complicated but there are guidelines and a few rules you’ll want to know.

Keeping your online date interested

You made it through the initial stages of contacting a potential date online and now you’re ready for the next steps except for you are shy and making conversation does not come easy for you. What to do next is running through your mind like Forrest Gump on a wild goose chase. Slow down… and keep reading to find out what to do or say next.


Be direct but not demanding

Remember, you don’t know this person so don’t come off overly aggressive. There are other ways to let your contact know you’re funny and interesting not to mention honest and intelligent. Get to know the person on the other end of the dating site before you let your hair down.

Are you flirting with me?

You can make almost anyone smile by flirting with them however, seeing as how you’re not in person to get a good feel for their personality, go lightly with the flirtatious moves. Some people are offended when you flirt too soon as it sends mixed signals especially if you are looking for a long-term relationship rather than a casual date for the night.

Are you asking the right questions?

You can never go wrong with asking your online interest about themselves, however, don’t get to personal. Start with simple questions like “What makes your job interesting?” or “Do you have a favorite movie and why?” Asking open-ended questions gives them the opportunity to expand on their story and allows you to get to know them better with fewer questions. Oh, and if you can’t think of any good questions to ask, tell a funny joke, but only if it’s funny.

Online dating is temporary

Now that you two have a few conversations under your belts and you must admit, they’ve gone well, you want to take it to another level and meet out on the town for lunch. Ask for suggestions where to meet and bring a small gift. It could be a half dozen flowers or her favorite candy bar wrapped in a bow. If the date goes exceptionally well, she’ll keep the wrapper and bow for years to come in commemoration of your first date.

Kill the telephone



There’s nothing more aggravating than trying to hold a conversation when the phone is ringing, constantly interrupting your train of thought and your date’s, too. Put the phone away for a while and if you must answer the call, excuse yourself away from the table, but without seeming as though you’re hiding something or someone.



Online dating websites as for personal information such as your location, name and age to provide the best possible matches and content to keep you interested in dating online. Keep the conversation light and positive. This cliché rings true if you want a second date: If you can’t something nice, don’t say anything at all.” Both women and men like compliments so do pay attention to his cologne or to her hair and makeup. Take these tips to be the truth and in the words of a famous racer, “Don’t screw it up!”




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