How to Get a Girlfriend Online – 4 Steps to Online Love

If you are reading this article, chances are you are looking for alternatives to meeting women. Maybe you don’t have time to mingle or maybe you don’t like the bar scene or coffee and that’s fair enough. With that said, you’ve decided to check out online dating to find that missing element in your life but you are not sure how to get a girlfriend online. Not to worry… keep reading to find out how to find love on an online dating website.


4 steps to online love

Obviously, you must first make the decision if dating online is right for you. It’s convenient as the websites never close and you can search for matches even on holidays. You don’t have to dress up or be embarrassed by talking to more than one person at a time. You should always be honest when making your profile and show more than you tell. But we’ll get to how to write your dating profile later.

Before you make the decision to join an online service for dating, you must know what kind of girlfriend or relationship you want. Not knowing this could result in a failed search and some angry women. If you want friendship only, there’s likely an option or website for friendships. At the same time, if you want to meet a girlfriend who is marriage minded, there are websites that cater to people who want commitment. Also, you should consider whether you are willing to date a girlfriend who lives in another state. When you determine these factors, you’re ready to choose a website.


  1. Pick a dating website carefully


Do your research on dating websites before you sign up. What do people say about the site and its service? Do they appear to be happy? Are they sharing success stories or horror stories? The answers may provide insight that is not on the website’s home page.


  1. Most dating sites report thousands or millions of sign-ups, but how many are active participants is the question? If you find that the last point of contact was two years ago, that’s a sign and not a very good one. When are people most active? This could also help in finding a suitable match. You don’t want to meet a night owl if you’re a day person, right?
  2. Some dating websites are free to join; however, many charge a fee. Some give away free weekends to link up and you should take advantage of this trial offer. With that said, it is always free to search profiles, but not always to reach out to someone.
  3. Okay, now you have decided on what kind of relationship you want and a website. You should now write your profile and insert photos of yourself.


  1. Writing a proper profile


Writing a good profile may not be what you think. There’s a correct way to do this and there’s a wrong way.

  1. The best online profile advice is to always tell the truth. Avoid exaggerating the truth for the simple fact the truth always come to light and at the worst possible time. Trust is a major component of every relationship and you don’t want to mess up a good thing by telling a “little white lie.” It’s not worth it.
  2. Write a compelling profile by showing your talents rather than tell her you’re a great cook. You can say something like “friends gather at my place to eat healthily and prefer my cooking skills to others.”
  3. Keep it positive and light-hearted. Don’t mention how depressed you’ve been, sitting at home alone. Instead, say, “I love spending time with myself. It’s when I get a chance to read and to take in the sunset.”
  4. Pay attention to this profile dating tip as it can be a deal breaker with many women: Use the spellchecker! The red line is there for a reason. Don’t just skip over it, correct it.


  1. The perfect profile picture


  1. Post recent photos to your profile and clear pictures. Avoid posting pictures that depict a party animal when you’re really a geek who lives for Barnes and Noble.
  2. Don’t include your friends in the profile pictures as it may be difficult to pick you out among your friends. It’s possible that you don’t even know the guy wearing women’s underwear in the background, but how is she to know he’s a stranger?
  3. Be yourself and smile. Don’t post so serious looking pictures and keep your clothes on! If the online relationship goes well, she’ll see your awesome abs and guns with her own two eyes. Leave something to her imagination. Women like to fantasy as well as men.


  1. Reach out


After you have done the above, reach out to the women who fit your requirements. Don’t reveal too much at one time. Be a good listener and avoid being the one doing all the talking. If you write a paragraph and she consistently responds with a one-liner, it’s a good indication she’s being nice and move on.



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